Welcome to A La Mode

homemade, small-batch ice cream made in our nut-free, sesame-free and egg-free factory

a la mode ice cream is

always delicious

a la mode ice cream is

nut-free, sesame-free, egg-free

our bundles

all pints

pints, bars, cups

pints & bars

pints & cups


coffee ice cream
chocolate chips

Partly Cloudy

blue cotton candy ice cream
mini marshmallows

Pink Sprinkles

pink vanilla ice cream
rainbow sprinkles

Speed Bump

deep chocolate ice cream
white and dark chocolate chips

100% No Nuts

100% No Eggs

100% Sesame Free

100% Always Delicious


vanilla ice cream
a classically indulgent treat


combination of
vanilla & chocolate cookies,
classic vanilla ice cream
swirled with chocolate fudge


rich and creamy
the traditional way


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“No nuts? No problem! Kids with nut allergies are in for a treat with A La Mode ice cream. Even though it’s made without nuts, sesame seeds or eggs, it still has that rich, creamy taste you crave in an ice cream treat. With five delicious flavors to choose from (my...

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I can't say enough about this shoppe ! I had my daughters first birthday party here and the owners and well as the staff went above and beyond . Everything was done with care and they were extremely accommodating.  The ice cream was delish and the shop is absolutely adorable ! My hat goes off to Sandy and Marc, you have an awesome place . I highly recommend coming here for a treat, some shopping and to book a birthday !

Jaclyn D.

Manhattan, NY

I tried the Wired flavor (coffee and choc chip cookies) and it was yummy!!! Get the waffle cone too.

I think this place is a hidden gem in the midtown area, plenty of seats and it has room for kids to play.

Ainan N.

Manhattan, New York, NY

The place is as fabulous as a rainbow unicorn. It's an ice cream shoppe hidden in a children's store and has a play area for said children. The flavors are definitely catering to the little with cotton candy blue options. The speed bump which is a rocky road is delish. There are no nuts or gluten involved. Just things such as unicorn snot.

It's kind of hidden in this brownstone lined street. Seek it out. You won't regret it if you like ice cream. Or unicorn snot.

Mary P.

Brooklyn, NY

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a la mode

homemade, small-batch ice cream made in our nut-free, sesame-free and egg-free factory.

for e-commerce support:
e-mail: support@alamodeshoppe.com
tel: 718-328-2300

for nyc shop information and to book events
e-mail: info@alamodeshoppe.com
tel: 917-639-3401


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